Traveling, when not planned properly, can be painful, This is very much true considering the present situation with all these security clearances, visa regulations, transit, change overs, so on and so forth. If properly planned,it can be made fun and relaxing.
Having reserved several of my international flights with T & T Tours, I should say, Mr. T. Kandankery is doing a wonderful job by providing his customers the best value for their monies. So far, I am very satisfied with their service. I wish T & T Tours all the best and keep up with the good work.
Dr. Krish SANKARAN, Zurich, Switzerland.

I wish to thank you on behalf of our group in Zermatt/Wallis for organizing our tour to India from 09th to 21st Jan 2012. It was such an awesome experience. All were so overwhelmed to see Incredible India. Everyone was taken very good care, food, hotel and travel was excellent. We enjoyed to the brim. Fr. Stefan Roth. Parish Priest of Zermatt has personally thanked you for the wonderful trip in India. They appreciate the beauty and hospitality of India. They have volumes to speak about India and the news is spreading like fire here in Zermatt. Hope many will be looking forward to visit India. So i personally thank you and Mr. Sam for arranging our lovely tour in India. Greetings and best wishes from our group in Zermatt.
Fr. Dolphy Veigas

I would like to thank you for organising my trip to india every time. I am thankful for T and T tours for prompt services, best fare comparison available and perfect services each and every time. When I think to visit to India, I only think TERLY :)
Mr. Santosh Kumar Dubey, Senior Software Engineer, UBS.

" I had reserved several of my international flight tickets with T & T Tours. I ought to say, Mr. Terly had done a wonderful job by providing me the best service at every instance. I am very much delighted with his services. I wish T & T Tours and Mr. Terly all the success.
Dr. Sarath Kumar, Zurich, Switzerland "

I have been booking my flight journeys from Switzerland to various locations in the world with T and T tours, and I always received prompt answers with the best possible cheap options available at the moment. I look forward to more travel bookings with T & T tours in future.
Shilpi, PhD student, Uni ZH

I am traveling a lot and I wish I would have met Terly earlier. His service is excellent, fast, reliable and he finds the best offers. We booked a flight from Zuerich to Dubai and from Dubai to Bahrain. Working with Terly is easy, not complicated and it gives a secure feeling to know that wherever am I in the world I can contact him. I will use his service in the future gladly again.
Nora Gomori, Exclusive Representative, Director Carismatic GmbH, Zuerich

"I have been booking all my three trips to India in the past one year with T & T Tours and every time Mr. Terly Kandankery has offered me the best price. Even though I change my plans very often, he has always been very prompt and patient enough to quote the best price each time my plan changes. I look forward to booking many more of my future travel with T & T Tours.
Vinodh, PhD Student, EPFL"

I am glad to return and write my comment as a very satisfied customer again! We are flying from Vienna to Bahrain via Qatar. I contacted Terly for the tickets and he found us a good deal this time as well. Whatever question I have at any time of the week or day, Terly gives me a quick and prompt answer. Booking our tickets via him, gives me a secure feeling for our entire trip. I gladly recommend him to everyone who is looking for the perfect service!
Nora Gomori, Director,Carismatic GmbH,Zuerich

Very quick and reliable service, clear communnication, gives best options and fares. I always prefer T&T Tours only.
Sanjay Tate On-site Co-ordinator Winterthur

It’s a pleasure for me to put a comment on T&T Tour’s Website. For years my wife and I have been booking our numerous trips to Kerala mostly via Doha and Dubai with T&T Tours. Once a booking is done, I do not have to bother about anything. Being extremely busy as a medical doctor this is a very important thing. I will be informed at the proper time to give my consent before the ticket is issued. The tickets will be sent early enough. We never ever had the least problems concerning the booking modalities, changes of schedules we were not informed etc.
So we have been absolute satisfied customers for years and hope to continue for many years more.
We wish Terly all the best including a prosperous travel business.
Jennifer and Dr. Werner Zimmermann

Comments: Prompt service even at a short notice with several options available based on our needs. Makes travel relaxing and tension free.
Nidhi Saini: Research Assistant, University of Zürich, Switzerland

I am a regular user of services of T & T Tours and extremely happy about the responsiveness with human touch to their service. I remember their support to some of my friends who needed immidiate help to organise tickets in difficult circumstances. Also additional help and information provided when required for pleasure trips. I am happy to recommend them to my friends and colleagues especially for travel to India in all situations be it a pleasure trip, vacation trip or sometimes in urgent personal situations.
Vijay Joshi Vice President Busines Integration SIS AG, CH-4600 Olten.